Lou and Mary Beth Billittier want to thank everyone for the overwhelming response to Chef’s on the Go. They truly appreciate the patience and amazing support they are receiving. Due to this extraordinary response, the App has been suspended until further notice. Please continue to phone in your orders to 716-633-8646 or walk in and order in person at the Sheridan Drive/Williamsville Place location. Thank you!


To all our Loyal Customers and Friends:

With the COVID-19 pandemic continuing to control our world as we know it, we at Chef’s Restaurant and Chef’s On The Go have had to make some very hard decisions. The Billittier Family have always been about Family first and business second. We have watched our loyal employees come to work every day.We have watched them step up to keep Chef’s running all with disregard for their own well being of staying safe at home. We can no longer watch our employees take a chance on their own health. There is more to life than money. And as much as we have had an unbelievable outpouring of support from our beautiful customers, we cannot put our operations in front of the safety of our staff.

Effective Saturday April 4th at 8pm both Chef’s Restaurant in Buffalo and Chef’s On The Go in Amherst will temporarily close for business. We will reevaluate when to re-open on May 1, 2020, and make a decision as to where the situation is pertaining to COVID-19, and when it is once again safe for all our staff and customers to resume normal business.

Again it is with a heavy heart that we do this, but our staff and customers are much more important than making money right now.

We hope that everyone understands our decision, and continues to support us once we reopen both locations. Thank you again for all the love and support you have shown the Chef’s brand for over 97 years and we will ALL be back stronger than ever!

With Love,

Lou BillittierMary Beth Billittier

Chef's “On The Go” / 5483 Sheridan Drive, Williamsville Place in Amherst / 716-633-8646

Chef's Restaurant of Buffalo, NY / 291 Seneca St., Buffalo, NY 14204 / 716-856-9187

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chef’s on the go

Chef’s on the go! is home of the world famous Spaghetti Parmesan, as well as other popular dishes such as Chicken Parmesan, Eggplant Parmesan, Boneless Chicken Cacciatore and homemade Stuffed Shells. Chef’s on the go! takes pride in offering homemade family recipes that date back to when the original Chef’s location opened in 1923.

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the chef’s story


hef’s opens on the corner of Seneca and Chicago Streets owned by Virginio and Enrica Chiari . This was Lou Billittier Sr. childhood neighborhood.


12 year old Lou Billittier is hired to wash dishes at Chef’s Restaurant, a 30 seat restaurant/bar by then owners Gino Silverstrini and Lee Federconi. Lou works his way to busboy, waiter, bartender and eventually earning title of Restaurant Manager.


ou Billittier becomes sole owner of Chef’s borrowing the money from his Father Anthony to purchase Chef’s for $8000.


ou Billittier and good friend Dave Thomas invent what is now today World Famous Spaghetti Parm in the small open kitchen at Chef’s Restaurant. Dave Thomas is a local celebrity on ABC televisions Rocket Ship 7 and later moves on to Philadelphia where he is the famous Dave Roberts on ABC News.


anagano’s Bakery closes it doors and Chef’s buys the equipment and bread baker and builds a bakery on site at Chef’s so they can offer the same bread to their customers that they have grown to love. The bakery continues to this day.


hef’s bottles it's world famous pasta sauce and so starts the celebrity wall of fame at Chef’s. Celebrities from all walks of life take a picture holding the jar of sauce when they come in to the restaurant. This is still done to this day with hundreds of celebrities pictures on the walls of the restaurant.


hef’s starts Drop off catering which turns out to be a huge success for the company.


hef’s introduces their first food truck called Chef’s On The Go! The truck is a huge hit and goes strong until a fire in July of 2018 ends the food truck.


hefs Forms a Franchise entity called Chef’s Franchising Group. This is a 3 phase concept that isoffered to people who are qualified to open up a brick and mortar Chef’s Restaurant, A Chef’s On The Go Food Truck or A Chefs On The Go Fast food concept. The fast food concept is the restaurant and food truck married in to one. Fast Quality Italian Chef’s food to carry away or eat in all in carryout containers.


the original location

Home of the World Famous Spaghetti Parm

The original Chef’s Restaurant was founded in 1923 as a 5-table Italian restaurant. Lou Billittier Sr., who at the time was a 12 year old dishwasher, worked his way up to manager prior to becoming a co-owner of the restaurant. Lou Sr. purchased Chef’s in 1950 and it has remained in his family ever since. Currently Chef’s is run by his children, Lou and Mary Beth, who have expanded the restaurant to 350 seats and have now created Chef’s on the go!

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